Magic Deshedding Glove
Magic Deshedding Glove
Magic Deshedding Glove
Magic Deshedding Glove

Magic Deshedding Glove

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"This Glove is made for people. I have yet to find one of my friends who thought this glove wasn't worth 10x what they paid for it."

- Emma | Vet Assistant | Vancouver, BC

Just put on the glove and start taking away all of that excess fur. Then throw the loose hair trapped by the glove into the rubbish. Now you don't need to endure the hairy mess or use painful brushes. You get a tidier home easily and your pets will love you more for this! 


  • The glove is covered with soft little silicone grooming tips, which collect excess hair while being much less painful for your pet compared to metal brushes.
  • The glove is one-size-fits-all - just adjust the velcro strap based on your size preference.
  • Designed to feel exactly like a human hand, so your pet won't shy away as it may from a brush.
  • Suitable for all cat or dog breeds

(Pro tip: Regularly grooming and brushing your pet improves their skin for a healthy & shiny coating on their fur) 

"I'm busy, but I still love my dog like it was a child. This glove lets me take good care of Charlie even when I'm swamped with work."

Susana Johnston | Director Finance | Miami, FL